Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mani/Pedi anyone?

Does anyone need a manicure or pedicure? If so I have a daughter who would love to help.....

Jaxon and Emma were upstairs taking a nap and I was doing what I do best feeding the baby on the couch. All of a sudden I heard something drop upstairs. I put the baby down and ran...Jaxon was sound asleep and Miss Emma was sitting in my bathroom "painting her nails" and the noise was the nail polish being dropped on the floor. It was on the cabinets, the floor, and all over Emmy. I put her in the bath and she said "Mom don't be mad it is so pretty. I painted my nails." I could not help but laugh and soon after my sister had arrived to help clean up the mess. We scrubbed and cleaned her but that darn nail polish took a week to finally come off. One minute she is painting her nails and brushing her hair and the next she is hanging upside down and playing bad guys. Check out the picture of Jacob giving her a pedicure a couple months ago.....awww

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Clodagh said...

Just read this Jen, this is hysterical! I would have cracked up too!