Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Awwwww.....What a wonderful day we had on Saturday! Absolutely no work for me and just a stress free Saturday for all of us. We went to Zuma beach in Malibu and had an absolute blast! The kids played by the water with their buckets and spades, Jacob and Jaxon played football and frisbee which was hilarious in itself, and to top it off we saw dolphins. I got tar on my foot and hands and so did Emmy which was a real pleasure trying to get that off but other than the tar it was a great time. I realized that we spend so much time being caught up with work that it is truly important to have a good family day at least once a week. We have been trying to designate Saturdays so hopefully we can keep that up. After the beach we grabbed a bite at Chuys and went to Toys R Us t get the kids a toy each since they got some money from my Uncle Brian. Jaxon got some star wars guys and Emmy a doll (since they don't have enough) and we were sitting outside the shop when a song starting playing. It is the song that Tara added to the video of Great Grandma. We would not have put two and two together and for the second time since Grandma has passed, Jaxon turned to us and said "this is Great Grandma's song" and just stared at us for a minute or so with his sweet smile, kind of looking up and listening. We listened for a minute and realized what he was talking about. It brought tears to my eyes and it's just so amazing how a child so young can be so impacted by the events around him and hold onto those memories throughout their lives. We all miss you Great Grandma even the little ones!
On a lighter note, here are some pictures...look at the beach babe laying out

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha so funny i just posted some pics from the beach too! we saw the dolphins too!!!! hey Marshall got the tar too, it was really hard to get it off i had to use the miracle clorox bleach... finally came off!!! such a beautyful day at the beach....