Saturday, April 12, 2008

Emmy's 2nd Birthday!

Today was bussssyyyy! We had to be at the field by 8 for Jaxon's last soccer game, came home got ready for Emmy's party, went to Jaxon's soccer party (he received his first trophy), picked up a cake and balloons, and got back just in time to do some last minute clean up and the party had started. I forgot how much work a party takes and how much you don't get to talk to your guests. Anyway, saying that, Emmy had a blast!! The theme was Elmo, she had a bouncy, lots of friends, and her Daddy's BBQ and even a Sesame Street cake. The party was a hit and everyone seemed to have fun!
During the past couple months we have been working on changing a few things but they all seem to come into effect this week. She got her big girl bed (which she loves and sleeps in like a princess) and we moved the crib out of her room , we threw out her bottles together and the transition has been fairly easy using strictly the sippy cup (although she does call that her baba now), and she is 99% potty trained. Lots of stuff going on over here but in the long run she has done extremely well. She is two now and I feel so blessed to have her as my daughter! She is smart, funny, caring, well mannered, sweet sister (idolizes her brother) and daughter, definitely has her opinions and is not scared to express them, loves to dance & sing, loves water(I think she is part fish), hates bugs, and loves soft blankets and Elmo. I am so blessed to have my whole family and I only hope my next daughter will have many of Emmy's characteristics . I have attached some picturess starting from this morning (you can see she is not really a morning person) until this evening. I also wanted to wish My Wee Clodagh a Happy Birthday! I have known her since preschool about 27 years. We grew up together and spent almost everyday together either at school or back and forth from her house to mine. She is in San Diego this weekend and I hope she is having a fabulous time because if anyone deserves to be celebrated it is Clodagh! Goodnight I am exhausted!

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

We are extremely happy to announce that we are having a girl. Jacob, Jaxon, Emmy, & I went to our 5 month ultrasound today (what an adventure that was). My doctor takes forever to see his patients and the kids are not very understanding. They lasted 10 minutes and they were climbing the walls. After going through what seems like 20 magazines trying to keep them occupied we were finally called in. Once we entered the room and I sat in the ultrasound seat Jaxon started to freak out a bit thinking I was about to deliver. He started to cry and told his Dad to get him "outta here". I guess he has been exposed to too much TLC lately with shows like Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby. (Oops, I didn't think the shows were graphic) Saying that our doctor joined the group and told us the great news.....First and foremost, the baby is healthy, completely on track with her measurements, and that we are having a baby girl. Jaxon told the doctor that he was wrong and that we were having a boy and the doc said no maybe next time tell your parents to try again (haha). There is nothing like having a sister...... through ups and downs they are always there to lean on and I am really excited for Emmy to be able to experience that!!! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers at this time.