Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chuy our last child

Just when I thought this week was going to be mellow.........Chuy goes missing! I am with the kids Jacob is out looking then I hear my Dad's voice up the Hill. He is here, my Mom, and Auntie Annie. They are on the hiking trails going door to door, a real rescue team. Now its been about 3 hours since we saw him and I am a wreck. I didn't realize how much I am attached to the dog and Jaxons little face.....all I could picture is Jaxon loosing his best friend. Even our neighbors Doug and Nicole (who just recently got a dog) got in there car and went looking and Joseph across the street was part of the search and rescue. Keep in mind as all this is going on Jacob, finds some other lost dog puts him in the yard and calls his owner. As we are waiting for his owner the dog escapes from the slope fence and Jacob is forced to jump the fence and bring the dog back. "Gismo's" owner came and was very thankful. Finally about 7 its starting to get dark and I keep thinking Chuy is going to be a appetizer for the coyotes. Next thing you know Jacob walks in with Chuy. He found him in someones yard. We got our dog back.....Thank you thank you thank you to the rescue team and to my Hero... Its funny Jacob said last night that he likes Chuy so much more now. I went from not wanting a dog to falling madly in love with Chuy. I have learned my lesson and we really need to secure our yard better. I know he is just a dog but boy am I glad he is home.

Past Week

Well first and foremost I want to Congratulate my amazing husband for passing the 1st and hardest test for his CFA. I admire his determination and self-discipline. It takes both, to study for an exam like this, especially working full time and having a wifey and two kiddies. Not only would Jacob wake up and get to the gym everyday before work he also spent his lunches and time after work and every chance he got on the weekends preparing. Congratulations Jacob you deserve it more than anyone...now start studying for the 2nd test!
His back has gotten a lot better but he still needs to be very careful and take it easy! Thank God...... last Mondy and Tuesday I was imagining a different scenerio. With steroids from the doctor, pain meds, and rest I think he will be just fine!
I closed two escrows last week, helped out with Jacob, and had a baby shower here at our house for our old roomate and friend Christy and 70 guests. The shower went great and although I was worried everyone seemed to have a great time and fit in the backyard. I am glad last week is over but saying that all went just fine especially because I have a great husband who helps me whenever he has a chance......A wonderful mother in law that helps with the kids at a drop of a hat (although she should be doing her thesis) and a Mom that is irreplaceable. I am so lucky to have my Mom & Dad I couldn't ask for a set of more loving down to earth parents! So thank you all I couldn't get through last week without you!!! Love you all!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007


What a tough year this has been for Jacob. From the staph infection that led to him being admitted to the hospital and now his back. We went to Legoland (will post pics when I have a chance) on Friday and he seemed okay a little sore but thought it was from the drive and all the running around. Yesterday he set up some storage cabinets and his back seemed to be getting worse. He took a bath and a pain pill and thought he would feel better today. He decided to go to the gym this morning and ended up being carried out by a trainer and his Dad after laying on the weight bench for fifteen minutes basically paralyzed from pain. He was in so much pain that he couldn't even walk and getting him in the house took a lot of effort. He is now napping on the floor with heat pads and ice packs and some pain meds until we go to the doctor at one. He also has another doctors appointment tomorrow at 9 for his back. It is so hard to see my strong, athletic Husband be in so much pain. We will get through this but please keep him in your prayers

Friday, July 13, 2007

I did it!!!

I finally decided to make my blog. I was just looking into it this morning but it was so easy to set up an account I thought I might as well create one. So I did and now I have to figure out all the other stuff like adding pics and stuff. Actually why I was even looking into a blog today is to vent about the war in Iraq and all the innocent people dying both from our military and the Iraqi people. Also having two children I am so sad that our President has put us in this situation. Other countries especially the Middle East have never been bigs fans of the U.S. but now......I just hope my children don't have to grow up living in fear of terrorist attacks and evil. Gotta make breakfast