Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Here are some pictures of Jacob & Jaxon going to a Halloween party last Saturday night. Jacob said there were ghosts and gobblins everywhere. The house was very spooky and everyone was all dressed up. The boys were back an hour and a half later with fright:) Emmy also wanted to put on her costume that night but was tired and cranky. Hopefully she will do better tonight. Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Autumn

Happy Birthday to our lovely Autumn Rose. We love you so much and are so happy to have you as our niece and cousin!!!! Have a wonderful day with your family and friends!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jaxon Sings

Last Sunday Jaxon along with other children from his preschool sang at church. He stayed on stage the whole time and joyfully sang with his friends. I am very proud of Mr. Jaxon and relieved at the same time. For the past couple years as much as I have loved and adored him he wasn't exactly the easiest child. However, the past six months he has really done a 180. He communicates much better, listens and is able to rationalize with, and really tries to make the right choices...Not to mention a great brother. Saying that lately he has been fibbing a little bit for example he drew a happy face on his dresser and when I confronted him he said Emma did it....I tried telling him that Santa is listening and this could effect him getting presents at Christmas. He is so petrified by Santa Claus that he says he doesn't want any presents from Santa. Okay that doesn't work. So the other day he was in the bathroom for a while and when he came out I asked "did you poop?" "No" he said. (I know he did and just doesn't want to wipe) So I asked him again and he gave me the guilty look and said no. So I said " Jaxon God is listening to you and he doesn't like when you lie" he sad " Mom, God (pointing up) doesn't care he is busy making his boat." I had to walk away with laughter...he has been learning about Noah's Ark at school and got the two confused. So funny but please no fibbing and just wipe!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pee, Pee, and more Peeeeeeeeee....

I should be working but thought I would write/type real quick. Okay so last night I had lots of energy...Everyone was in bed and I did laundry, watched "The Hills" online, and relaxed. I was getting tired and I climbed into bed awwwwww so nice as I am laying there I am smelling pee I check my pillow, my blankets, and then the sheets. Keep in mind I just changed my sheets yesterday so this should of been a pleasant experience.....Gross my sheet smelt like pee????? Okay so I go downstairs and get on the couch oh how lovely next thing you know I am awaken by Jaxon screaming, I am wet, I am soaked.....Run upstairs change him and of course he wants to get in our bed.... we went downstairs and layed on the couch. Get up this morning walk into the laundry room to put on the dryer and Chuy has peed...yes I stepped in it. Get Emmy up change her diaper actually put on her panties while she eats her breakfast next thing I know she has peed too. On the floor on her chair as it is trickiling down and I am cleaning up this mess trying to get Jaxon to school all I can think of is BREATH and patience patience patience. What a morning
Jaxon has been doing pretty well with the whole wetting his bed but still changing his sheets a couple times a week and my bed now. Any suggestions to make the smell go away other than taking a vacation by myself:) because thats not going to happen?
One more thing. I had just put Emmy down for a nap as I am finishing my post I hear her go in her room and not only has she climbed out of her crib but is laying on her changing table waiting for her diaper to be changed (which was not even wet). She has been doing this the past couple days either in the mornings or after naps. I just took the changing table out of her room as I am doing that I look and she is in Jaxons room standing on his bookshelf......OMGoodness!!!!! I am with her right now but I swear she is a monkey and hopefully I don't have a heart attack by 32.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Thursday we went to the Pumpkin Patch with Jaxon's class. We all had a blast...hay rides, pony rides (yes Jax & Emmy), playing in the trains & other fun stuff set up for the kids, and feeding the animals! Jacob was off this week taking a break before starting Merrill Lynch next week. It was great having him there to help with the kids and to have a family day! The kids are really getting used to Jacob staying home, they might have a hard time next week. Jaxon wakes up everyday asking if Daddy is downstairs and Emmy is loving his time as well. I don't know if he really did get a break in our house but he said he has enjoyed his time off.