Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter & An Update

I hope all of you have a nice day with your families and friends. Jaxon visited with the Easter Bunny, attempted to sing at church, and the kids dyed eggs with Grandma! Today, we are having brunch and an Easter Egg hunt at our house at 11 and later in the day we will be stopping by my Aunt Margaritas house to visit with the rest of our family. I haven't had much time to blog lately so I will just give everyone a little update. Jacob came down with the flu a couple weeks ago which quickly turned into Plueracy. He was in excruciating pain and even ended up in the ER because the pain in his chest behind his lung and is his back was unbearable. He is doing much better now and we pray we have seen the last of this viral infection for a while. I have been so busy with work lately thats all I seem to do have time for. It is every weekend and many nights after Jacob gets home. Lucky enough I am able to plan my schedule around Jacobs and my wonderful mother in law trys to help me out with Emmy during the week whenever she is not too busy with school. The kids have been doing well. Jaxon started AYSO soccer which he loves and asks about almost daily. Jacob took a required course and has become an AYSO referee which he seems to enjoy. Jaxon plays Saturday mornings and has scored 8 goals in the past three weeks. Yay...but goals or not he is having a blast! He must take after my Dad, Brother, and Sister when it comes to soccer. Josh is about to graduate from high school in the next few months and just finished up his soccer season at Thousand Oaks High School. He got MVP for his team as well is getting on the All Star team for the whole Ventura county soccer league with his new title Defensive Player of the Year/ League! We are very proud of you Joshy Boy not just because you are the greatest soccer player in our eyes (other than Dad of course)but because you have become a responsible young man and a true gentleman! Emmy is our Chatty Cathy...She is speaking sentences and always asking questions. Her three favorite things are still her BaBa (which will be going away very soon), Elmo, and being outside in the water! I am just turning 19 weeks pregnant and I feel great. I do get tired and am usually in bed relaxing by 9 but I love being pregnant and just recently started to feel the baby move. I had Jacob take this picture last night to monitor the growing belly so although I am half asleep at least you can see the belly.We will go for our next ultrasound April 4th so I will keep you updated. Also I had to add the picture of Catalina playing with our ferocious dog Chuy..... We also went to Ventura Harbor a couple weeks ago had some fish n chips, an ice cream, and flew a kite. What a great day I wish we could do that every weekend. Happy Easter!