Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Awwwww.....What a wonderful day we had on Saturday! Absolutely no work for me and just a stress free Saturday for all of us. We went to Zuma beach in Malibu and had an absolute blast! The kids played by the water with their buckets and spades, Jacob and Jaxon played football and frisbee which was hilarious in itself, and to top it off we saw dolphins. I got tar on my foot and hands and so did Emmy which was a real pleasure trying to get that off but other than the tar it was a great time. I realized that we spend so much time being caught up with work that it is truly important to have a good family day at least once a week. We have been trying to designate Saturdays so hopefully we can keep that up. After the beach we grabbed a bite at Chuys and went to Toys R Us t get the kids a toy each since they got some money from my Uncle Brian. Jaxon got some star wars guys and Emmy a doll (since they don't have enough) and we were sitting outside the shop when a song starting playing. It is the song that Tara added to the video of Great Grandma. We would not have put two and two together and for the second time since Grandma has passed, Jaxon turned to us and said "this is Great Grandma's song" and just stared at us for a minute or so with his sweet smile, kind of looking up and listening. We listened for a minute and realized what he was talking about. It brought tears to my eyes and it's just so amazing how a child so young can be so impacted by the events around him and hold onto those memories throughout their lives. We all miss you Great Grandma even the little ones!
On a lighter note, here are some pictures...look at the beach babe laying out


Sorry that I have not written in a while. I have been extremely busy with work and all the events going on. My sister graduated and as most of you know so did Pam, Congratulations to you both.My brother will graduate from high school this week too. My Uncle Brian and Aunt Maria were staying with my parents for a couple weeks. Brian is my Dads younger (not youngest) brother and it was a real pleasure spending time with them! The kids really enjoyed seeing them as well! I wanted to say Happy birthday to my brother Josh who turned 18, Russell, and Grandpa Russ if I haven't already. May this year bring you all the joys and happiness that you deserve.
I am 30 weeks now and Stella should be here early August. I am feeling okay however not as good as I felt with the other two. I have really bad hip and pelvic pain that literally brings me to my knees at times. I can't imagine living like this forever and I do have a deep sympathy for everyone who has physical pain everyday. I am trying to keep a positive outlook and trying to take everyday as it comes. I am no longer running around and playing soccer and football with the kids. It sure is hard trying to rest my body while having two little ones and a job. I am trying to be careful and just knowing that this will go away soon makes me happy. I have my next appointment on Monday the 16th in which I will have another ultrasound and start going back every one to two weeks for checkups. I have gained 17 pounds at this point and am a little deficient in iron. I heard liver and onions may help out a bit (thanks Maria) plus some iron pills. We will start painting the nursery in a couple weeks after my next ultrasound. I would hate for my Dad and Jacob to paint the room bright pink and find out its a boy. Jacob is doing very well. His job gets a bit stressful at times but he is extremely motivated and works so hard! I know he will make all his goals and feel extremely accomplished in a couple years. Jaxon graduates from Pre-K on Tuesday and will be attending Kindergarden at Atherwood in late August. He is ready to take some time off this summer he seems a little burnt out on school. Unfortunately he has a long way to go so hopefully he will be refreshed and ready after the summer. Emmy is doing great 86 her 2 year old temper tantrums and whining. She is my chatty Cathy and her vocabulary expands everyday. She is very loving and extremely helpful. Jaxon and her have their spats but for the most part they are good friends. They love and play together all the time and miss each other very much when the other is gone. I added a few pics of the the kids at the civics arts plaza when we took them to see the sesame street show. They were really excited! I am very blessed to have my family. I need to study for a renewal for my Real Estate exam but I just wanted to give an update.